What to do in Violay?

Eating to recharge your batteries

Get some fresh air to recharge your batteries

  • Take to the hiking trails that surround us. The routes are available at home and at the town hall, and we’ll be delighted to help you find your way around, or even accompany you. www.violay1004.fr
  • Parc Aventure, for an tree-climbing outing. Well-suited to children and full of thrills for adults. www.aventureviolay.com
  • Stroll to the Matagrin Tower: a picturesque site amid the Vioalysian fir trees, with a panoramic view not to be missed.
enfant se ressourçant au soleil

Relaxing to recharge your batteries

  • Le Chalet du Bien-Etre in VIOLAY: Lisa welcomes you to her modern, beautifully decorated salon. Massages, spas or waxing, you’ll find what you’re looking for. www.lechaletdubienetre.com – +33 6 38 93 93 20
  • ÂSANA – Ayurvedic massages: Catherine and her experienced hands will re-energise your body and mind. A real moment of relaxation on site or at her home in Les Olmes. www.asana-bien-etre.fr – +33 6 31 68 46 36
  • Traditional Chinese massages with Loïc COLSON on site : www.tuina-massage.fr – +33 6 72 95 28 29
  • YOGA classes, gong relaxation, yoga hikes: a session with Ghislaine, a native of Violay and a wonderful yoga, body awareness and relaxation teacher. +33 6 77 94 80 84
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Cultivating yourself to recharge your batteries

Find out about cultural outings, activities, events and museums on the website www.rendezvousenforez.com.

A very useful site, regularly updated and modern. Brochures and diaries are also available at the entrance to the house.